Management and IT Consulting services relating to strategic and operational requirement.

Organisations worldwide are looking at new and improved ways to be competitive as the world moves towards boundary-less delivery for trade and services. It is also very important for an organisation to know what they want and where they intend to take the business. It is here that we can be your partner to facilitate your strategic and operational requirements and help chart out a course that will help you reach it. Whether it relates to strategy, technology or operations management we can provide the right solution you are looking for.
  • Management Consulting
    • Business Plan & Strategy 
    • Business Process Management 
    • Streamlining the Organisation
    • Performance Management (Benchmarking)
    • Policies Formulation
    • Due Diligence
  • Technology Consulting
    • Software Functional Consultancy
    • Business Intelligence & Analytics
    • IT Governance 
    • IT Architecture
    • IT Infrastructure
    • IT Operations
  We have an internally developed CHANGE approach aimed at providing the right solution that in line with your goals and expectations. The objective is to provide a systematic approach to arriving at a solution and also to facilitate design and execution of a functional plan.  
  Please get in touch with us it you would like to know more about our CHANGE approach.  
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