Assurance service relating to business process, information systems and risk management.

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Risk management is very critical to any organisation to facilitate internal control and meet compliance requirement. As part of risk management, we provide assurance services that not only identify risk but also provide solutions that can mitigate and control them. As governance and compliance issues become more relevant it is very important to ensure that there is enough control in the system that can prevent, detect or correct the concerned risk element. We provide risk management and control solutions relating to Information Technology and Business Processes. We also help our clients in the development and structuring of financial and non-financial reporting to facilitate corporate governance and transparency to the stakeholders.

  We have an internally developed unique approach to give you the SMART edge to risk management in your enterprise. Our approach is aimed at structuring an appropriate risk profile and providing necessary treatment to facilitate self-evaluation and control.  
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Systems Audit

Information Technology has brought in innovation and transformation in the way in which a business is performed. With the need to implement things faster, complex and cheaper; several compromises will exist in the way the implementations are carried out. This could lead to risk and lack of control on the system. 

ACTIVEPOINT provides system audit services which can identify and recommend changes that can reduce or eliminate the risk involved in the system. The scope can include audit of Hardware, Software, Communications, Operating System, Data, Systems Process, Application Controls, Physical & Logical Access Controls, IT Security, and Business Continuity Plan. The audit can also be designed specifically for each client based on the perceived risk in the system. 

BPO / Outsource Audit

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is an extension of the work that a client performs. With an objective of reducing the cost of operations or to create value several organisations are outsourcing their activities to specialized entities.

However, there are several risks involved in outsourcing the activity to an external agency. We provide specialized BPO audit services through which one can mitigate the risks involved. BPO audit can include all the components of a system audit and issues that are specific to business process outsourcing. 

IT Security Audit

ACTIVEPOINT performs a variety of security audits as per client's requirement. Security audit can be conducted for any component of an Information Technology system involved, including physical and logical access controls. We also conduct audits as per ISO17799 and BS7799 Information Security Management System Guidelines. 

We also perform audit relating to all the aspects of the network infrastructure including firewalls, servers, network devices, operating system, desktops,

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management is the organisations ability to aligning risk appetite with strategy, implement an effective mechanism to identify the risk and then to avoid, reduce or accept the associated impact, have an effective reporting and review mechanism and thereby improving the overall performance of the organisation.

At ACTIVEPOINT, we facilitate the organisations in the process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the activities of an organization in order to minimize the effects of risk on an organization's capital and earnings. We also expand the process to include not just risks associated with accidental losses, but also financial, strategic, operational, and other risks. We facilitate companies to implement a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management system with the objective to improve Strategy, Operations, Reporting and compliance.
Transaction / Data Audit

As more and more transactions are processed with less and less human intervention, it is essential to have intelligent audit and monitoring systems in place. Audit and monitoring business transactions occurs for various reasons; Regulatory compliance, Internal Policies, Fraud detection, Risk management, Verification, Event monitoring, Intelligent precision marketing etc.

ACTIVEPOINT can perform transaction audit to address any of your objectives as mentioned above and also to ensure that the aspects relating to Audit Trail, Adequacy of the data recorded for Audit, Reporting requirements, Escalation management etc. are identified and established.
Fraud Detection & Forensic Audit

Forensic auditing is the application of auditing skills to situations that have legal consequences. There is an increasing use of auditing skills to prevent fraud by identifying and rectifying situations which could lead to frauds being perpetrated (i.e. risks).

At ACTIVEPOINT, we provide evidential reasoning in the accounting and process domain through procedural protocols in evidentiary discovery, analysis, and presentation. We also look at the transaction reporting, event ownership and accountability and put proper contextual methodologies and informed presumptive testing before linking "books and records" analysis with accounting effect interpretations. We also perform debit & credit analysis for resolution of accounting anomalies through data interrogation and business process deconstruction techniques.

ACTIVEPOINT performs a variety of IT audits including Application User Acceptance Testing, Application Controls (Input, Processing & Output), and Change Control & Implementation audit.

Business process management is evolving into a complex process as several sub-processes get integrated with automated systems. It is very essential to hand-over the control when the process switches between the automated and manual processes. Besides, the processes in itself needs to be robust such that it provides flexibility and at the same time not loose control or increase the risk. We provide business process audit services that identifies the process weaknesses, bottlenecks, and control issues related with the business and suggest ways and means by which these can be mitigated.

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