ACTIVEPOINT started in March 2005 has been established by a group of professional who have several decades of experience in various fields. ACTIVEPOINT is a professionally managed firm that has provided services to several big ticket clients both domestically and internationally. ACTIVEPOINT believes in building relationships and intends to carve a niche for itself as a trust worthy service provider that adds value to its clients.

ACTIVEPOINT operates from more than 4 office in India and has a support staff of more than 75 with varied skill levels. We have a team of experienced consultants with cross-functional and multi-disciplinary skills spread across various industries. Besides, several professional and technically competent individuals and organisations are empanelled to provide service and add value.

ACTIVEPOINT is a single point of contact for wide ranging services. We have a team of competent professionals and talented individuals with very high integrity and dedication levels who adhere to the highest professional standards. We have a defined system of work procedures, backup papers and reporting. With a proven and experienced management we continue to set higher standards of excellence by improving our clients performance significantly.