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ACTIVEPOINT offers a wide range of Information Technology Enabled and Business Process Outsourcing services to clients. Though ITES is labeled as GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) industry, we believe in adding value to any service that we provide. We ensure that the clients get significant value without compromising on the business policies and principals. We constantly interact with the client and report on the work status, identify the training needed for individual in the specific domains, suggest process / system improvements and deliver value that will vitalise the business. In this bargain, we create a win-win situation both for the client and ourselves.

  We follow a structured approach to your outsourcing requirement that meets your expectations and industry standards. We have an internally developed AIMS approach aimed at not only providing a unique and effective solution but also provide peace of mind.  
  Please get in touch with us it you would like to know more about our AIMS approach.  

ACTIVEPOINT provides accounting solutions specific to the clients' requirement. The scope of coverage could include complete accounting aspect for the entity to specific functional areas in accounting such as accounts payable. The service could either be performed onsite or offsite depending on the clients' preference for service delivery, information security, logistics, and timeliness. With our nationwide network of associate resources, we are also in a position to provide the service in multi-locations for accounting services. We also engage qualified professionals to constantly monitor the status and ensure service delivery.
ACTIVEPOINT provides comprehensive payroll processing solutions right from
processing payroll till statutory remittance and filing. We provide a quick
turnaround time and timely remittance and filing of all statutory requirements.
We can also provide web based interface to each of your employees to facilitate
leave processing, reimbursements, claims, income tax related declarations and
other payroll related interfaces.  
ACTIVEPOINT provides Post Dated Cheques (PDC) management solutions to companies which have substantial amount of PDC as part of their collection management. We provide proper recording, filing, remittance and reporting for all instruments. Our solution provides cost optimization, timely collection, accurate reporting, and fund planning relating to your PDC.
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