Management Consulting services relating to strategic and operational requirement.

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Organisations are increasing focusing on having the right human capital to take them to the next level of competence. It is also important for organisations to have the right mix of internal human capital and external services providers. As consultants we facilitate independence, objectivity, experience, focus and strategic approach to your every growing dynamic requirement.

Business Strategy & Plan are very critical and can provide framework for decision making, inform, motivate and involve people, and act as benchmark for monitoring performance. We facilitate organisations to evolve a strategy that is conceptual, visionary and directional. We also facilitate the clients in formulation of vision, mission, values, objectives, strategies, goals and programs that are required to create a business strategy and plan. This will help the clients to be focused on matters of strategic importance and take them through the journey of attaining their vision and mission. 

Business processes are executed to achieve strategic goals. It is very important to ensure that these processes are in line with the envisaged strategic goals. We help our clients to design, execute, measure and improve their business operations and processes that are kept in a never ending cycle of Continuous Process Improvement. We also help the clients to design and implement the right technology driven tools for document management, enterprise application integration and workflows to facilitate process management and change process.

Performance Management (Benchmarking)

Performance Measurement and Management can be applied to any aspect of the operations of the organisation right from the daily employee report to annual performance review of the entire organisation with the objective to have a consistent and long term based approach to performance evaluation. It will also become important to ensure that the expectations are clearly defined in objective terms that are easily understood and also practical which should be arrived through a participative approach. In this process the organisation can actually translate the business strategy and plans into achievable and measurable objectives that are understood both by the performer and the reviewer. It is also important to ensure that the industry standards, benchmarks and the general accepted practices are incorporated in the expectations. Some of the examples of performance management include Branches Evaluation, Vendors Evaluation, Partners Evaluation etc even if they are located in several parts of India.

At ACTIVEPOINT we have a unique methodology that will ensure a focused approach such that the Expectations and reality are matched more consistently. We also incorporate review mechanisms such that the required improvement / changes are documented and monitored consistently. We also have the capability to execute nation wide review of various locations through our associate network present in over 40 locations (Covering all Class A cities, Most Class B cities and few Class C cities) all over India.

Streamlining the Organisation

Organisations face day-to-day challenges from several issues. Issues could relate to any or all of the following;
  • Complex / ineffective decision making.
  • Unclear accountability & responsibility.
  • Missed Deadlines.
  • Inconsistent communication of the organisational goals and plans.
  • Non-availability of information for effective decision making.
  • Ineffective use of existing resources.
  • Non-availability of appropriate resources.
  • Manual Processes being followed despite presence of automation.
These are some of the possible indicators that a business needs operational improvement / streamlining. In short, Expectations and Reality does not match leading to non conformity to the proposed business plan and strategy.
At ACTIVEPOINT we facilitate the client in implementing effective systems that will facilitate control & growth of its operations in a focused manner. It is also important to create a framework to facilitate implementations of systems, policies & procedures in a time bound manner without affecting the existing operations besides aligning the people, process and systems to the business strategy. The client requirements will also be implemented professionally such that the organisation is run by robust systems and not dependant on few individuals.

Policies Formulation

Policies are required for various functions and aspects that will guide decision and achieve rational outcomes. It is very important to ensure that the process of policy formulation itself robust such that all the aspects are considered to implement an effective policy. At ACTIVEPOINT, we provide effective method to develop and implement a policy right from setting the objectives, analysis of requirements, instrument development, coordination, decision making and implementation. We also facilitate the organisation to review the implementation against the policy to facilitate the process of continuous improvement. The policy could relate to any of the following; Information Security policy, Information Systems policy, Human Resources policies, Finance Policy, Marketing Policy etc.

Due diligence is required for a variety of reasons including mergers and acquisitions, forming partnerships, signing a license of franchisee agreement, handling initial public offerings etc. We uncover the risk, issues, opportunities and the credibility of the entity concerned. We look into the details relating to the financial statements and also the items that are not present in the financial statements such as industry, competition, competencies, legal issues, strengths and organisational health besides the assumptions and projections used. The focus will be on ascertaining, understanding and assessing the high impact issues and drawings conclusions regarding potential impact on the business. We carry the due diligence in good faith and present the Risk Vs Reward evaluation.  

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