IT Consulting services relating to strategic and operational requirement.

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Organisations wanting to grow rapidly increasing look towards technology to find a quick and effective solution. In this process it is also important to have a solution that gives long term results and ensure manageability and scalability as well. We provide a wide range of IT Consultancy services including pre-implementation solutions and post-implementation solutions. We also provide functional consultancy by assisting implementation of any system driven initiatives. Our Technology services are categorised based on functional areas as follows;

Software Functional Consultancy

Several organisations realize the need to implement and run an effective system such that the operations are run efficiently and effectively. In this process, the organisations embark on a automation program which is on top priority at the start of the project and ends up having lesser priority close to the completion of the project. Most importantly the involvement of the top management decreases as the implementation progresses and in the end have lesser grip on the implementation of all requirements.

It is here that we, at ACTIVEPOINT, act as functional consultants by not only understanding your existing processes and requirements but also ensuring that these are adequately addressed before implementation, by mapping the requirements and performing gap analysis. We also help in monitoring the implementation process consistently and ensuring that adhoc requirements of the project are also handled effectively besides facilitating system integration testing, performance testing and user acceptance testing. We also address issues relating to process efficiency, effectiveness and control during the implementation.

Business Intelligence & Analytics
Business Intelligence requires collection, integration, analysis and presentation of business information to facilitate better business decision making using fact based support systems. There is also a need to provide historical, current and predictive views of the business operations with the help of various tools and elements such as data warehousing, visualization, pivot-table analysis and data mining. At ACTIVEPOINT, we assist companies in setting up a business intelligence system that will facilitate organisation wide information access rules to support business decision making based on both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Defining IT Organisation structure, policies, procedures, guidelines and their
alignment with business strategy by creating a framework for operations and
  • IT Governance Framework Formulation, Review, Analysis and Audit (COBIT, BS7799, ISO 27000/IEC).
  • Documentation, Standards & SLAs.

Designing the underlying blue prints for creating an effective delivery mechanism. 

  • Systems Requirement Specification (SRS), Architecture & Design. 
  • Network Architecture (including wireless and RFID integration).
  • Systems Integration & ERP Implementation as Functional Consultants.
  • Program Testing, UAT & Training.
  • Software Product Certification.

Designing an effective infrastructure to facilitate continued operations and easier management.

  • Network Management and Implementation.
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan.

Facilitate mitigation and management of security threats.

  • Security, Risk & Mitigation.
  • Systems Security Setup & Policy Formulation.
Refer to the Assurance page for details on Systems (IT) Audit Services.
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